I never knew why there weren’t Gravity Falls DVDs in my country before the finale. Here, in Peru, where you can go anywhere and find any movie or TV program, sometimes even before it’s officially out.

Well, a couple of months ago, these vendors must have thought Gravity Falls might be profitable. Now it’s everywhere.

However, what you’ll see in this video goes one step forward. This here is a mixture between copyright violation and one of my country’s most beloved kids hobbies: sticker albums.


As you can see in the back cover of the album, you can win some little prizes. In case you think you’re dreaming, you’re not. It’s probable these guys made a deal with Bill, because somehow you can win ALL 3 Journals. There are also coupons for winning posters, postcards, and the respective trucker hats of Dipper, Mabel, and Bill Cipher. You know, like the ones that APPEAR on the show.

To win the Journals you must take a picture of ten open sticker packs, and send them with your personal info to the Facebook page of this Toon Card company which has made the album. You will enter a raffle and the winner(s) will be announced on July 14th. That’s one day after Soos’ birthday, right? Dude is gonna love this.

I don’t need to investigate further more to know these guys didn’t ask for permission to do this. There isn’t a single mention of Disney or Hirsch and Co. The personal info of the characters inside has errors. And some of the stickers are actually fanart.

I will send this to Alex Hirsch because the Grunkle Stan inside him would be so thrilled about this amazing idea for making money.

Having said all that, do watch the whole video because the album is actually nice and colorful, and it’s probable it will be the only thing that there will ever be of its kind in terms of Gravity Falls official merchandise.

Also, here’s another guy who has this one and more videos where he opens his packs and pastes the stickers. He’s so funny because he comments on the characters, and how he hasn’t watched all the episodes yet. If you want me to traduce anything he says, you can ask me.


Okay, so this was my post to celebrate the June 15 day, fifth anniversary of Gravity Falls first ever airing. I hope you find all this interesting. And remember, the album is less than one dollar, and it is available globally

in my country.

Thanks a lot, Peru!!!

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